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Dinamo Zagreb vs Juventus Preview : 4-3-3?

Juventus hope to redeem their Champions League hope as they look to get maximum points against Dinamo Zagreb after failing to see off Sevilla in their opening match

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It's the UEFA Champions League and Juventus are hoping to get back on track as they face a not-so-familiar side, Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. We have previously covered in our previous article, a quick matchup, stats and facts.

It's no doubt Marko Pjaca - or Piasa if you prefer the Italian romantic approach to calling the cute guy's name - will be most talked about by fans as the Croatian makes a first time return home and to the club who sold him to Juventus in the summer transfer window. While Piasa isn't the only player returning, Mario Mandzukic is one of the playerd who went through the ranks of the Croatian champions, Dinamo Zagreb.

The writing is on the wall, Max Allegri and his boys know that there is no room for errors. However the Juventus believes that expecting his team to win every match by 3-0 is an illusion, something I pretty much agree on:
But the thing I want to say is that everyone has this illusion that Juventus must win every game 3-0. I think though that Juventus must get our feet back on the ground and be practical and solid.

The fact is that to win games you have to work, sweat, toil and play well.

But good play goes independent of whether you win or lose a game, even if you win by five you have to improve if you played badly.

That’s the thing that bothers me most, because this illusion bring superficiality, and superficiality leads to errors.

The proof is on Saturday in Palermo… The team definitely didn’t have a good game, but I know that, we all know that, the lads first and foremost.
However he also stressed that Juventus must take home maximum points. Let’s take three points, then we’ll see [for the rest of the group] While everyone is roaring for an easy win, Marko Piasa understanding hinted that it won't be easy at Dinamo and traditionally won't celebrate if he scores against his old side.

It definitely won’t be a cakewalk in Zagreb. They have very talented players like [Ante] Coric, [Domagoj] Pavičić, [Ivan] Fiolić and [El Arabi Hillel] Soudani is a dangerous striker.

I’m expecting a very fiery atmosphere, because the organised supporters are back after a long strike.
If I score, I won’t celebrate


Which formation Allegri deploys: Juventus have been known in recent years for their customary 3-5-2 formation which depends on a three-man back line. But recently, Juventus have been plagued with a host of injuries while there are only three center backs left namely, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli after Mhedi Benatia and Daniele Rugani will miss out for a couple of weeks through injuries.

There is a possibility that Max Allegri deploys a four-man backline as opposed to speculations that he'd stick to his 3-5-2. Formations have been the most talked about changes to this Juventus side and a whole lot of criticisms have been based on Allegri's decision to stick to 3-5-2.

He revealed in his Press conference that the trio of Khedira-Hernanes-Pjanic will be presented in the midfield. With Pjaca and Dybala surprisingly rested in the narrow win against Palermo, I do believe that Max Allegri might shake things up and go for 4-3-3. We hope he does but he's the coach.

The impact of a fresh Dybala: The only thing the young lad is missing is a goal despite a lot of splendid performances. The deserved rest against Palermo may be all he needs to get back in goal scoring form.

Juventus grinta: If there's one thing Juventus have missed in their games, it's grinta which is arguably one of our best characteristics. Juventus needs a lot of it today to get the desired 3 points and an enthralling performance to make it worthwhile.

The midfield trio: Hernanes hasn't been in his best form since he joined Juventus. Even though I believe a lot of fans out there would trade him for Lord Simone Padoin's departure any time of the day, he has shown 30% of his full potential in the few minutes he has played this season, which is kind of an acceptable performance.

Sami Khedira brings solidity and a little drive in attack - just needs to stop wasting clear cut chances. A midfield trio of Hernanes, Khedira and Pjanic brings a lot of creativity and needed stability with it of they are playing on top form. This should provide the necessary service for the attack in order to create a lot of chances. We have noticed on several occasions in which Dybala had to drop deep in order to link the midfield to the attack which in turn brings him farther from goal.

A good performance from the trio is a sure bet for a convincing win.


Juventus (4-3-3):

Buffon; Alves, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Khedira, Hernanes, Pjanic; Dybala, Higuain, Pjaca;

Forza Juve!!!

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