Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pogba buys a house in Barcelona - what happens now?

Paul Pogba has just bought a house in Barcelona raising more speculations about whether he is leaving too.

Paul Pogba greets fans - Juvelution.com
Juventus, during the rebuilding phase were more about "who will join the squad" but in recent years, specifically the past two seasons the story is quite the opposite.

Before the beginning of the 2015-16 season, lots of fans wouldn't have imagined a double-double considering the departure of three core players who were fundamental to the comeback of the Bianconeri to the place where they belong, the top of Italian football.

The understandable departure of Andrea Pirlo, the bitter transfer of Arturo Vidal and the shocking return of Carlos Tevez to his home country left us wondering how this Juve will maintain their quality, retain their titles and go on to do better than the previous year in Champions League when they lost to Barcelona in the final. I wouldn't want to remind myself or other fans about the frustrations, disappointments and how we almost wrote off our chances of European competition next season. After twelve games, Juventus amased just twelve points, giving away precious points to the likes of Frosinone (all due respect) and almost got beaten by Teramo Calcio (made that up).

Those times were tough but I can't imagine what will happen if we lose another core player

Paul Pogba might be leaving too

After those three players mentioned earlier expressed their desires to leave, there were speculations that Paul Pogba might follow suit. It was rather surprising that he chose to stay amidst interests from the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona among others. But this time, it has become more complicated as reports are claiming that he bought a house in Barcelona where that Messi is.

This should raise more speculations that he is finally leaving Juventus for the club he has always wanted to play for alongside - you know who. However, his real estate agency quickly came out to refute the purported reasons as to why the French man bought a house there, as it happened around the same time Pogba stopped paying rent on his house in Turin.

The purchase of a villa in Barcelona is in no way related to footballing matters. It is purely an estate investment. We wish to state this publicly because our client is a famous footballer and under great media attention in this period, so that this operation will certainly be reported by the Spanish newspapers, fuelling journalistic speculation that we do not wish to encourage.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago with Lionel Messi, who purchased an attic in Paris through us, or Cristiano Ronaldo who bought an attic in New York. - Reported by La Repubblica

With his transfer fee reported to be a minimum of €100m and clubs like Paris Saint German, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona willing to pay, this will get many fans thinking and wondering what is actually going on.

  • Have we lost Pogba to Barcelona already?
  • How do we replace him and who will replace him?
  • How will his departure affect this current team?
  • Who is next?

Am I jumping the gun already? Feel free to calm my nerves down (and many others) with your comments below.